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Do you really need to spend $140 for a 1/2 hour magic show?

Do you really need to spend $140 for a 1/2 hour magic show? (That’s what Little Kayy the Vancouver clown charges.)

Do you really need to spend $60 an hour for a great kids birthday or festival clown? (That’s what Little Kayy the Vancouver clown charges.)

You decide! But watch short video clips of other competing entertainers, first. Pay special attention to kids’ happy faces. Then, listen to what their parents say. You’ll hear “real people” reviews in these video clips, too.

We charge as low as $40 for a magic show.

We charge as little as $40/hour for a balloon clown.

We charge as little as $29/hour for a face painter.

Watch these video clips before you hire any kids family entertainer!

Compare this ‘no-name’ $50-hour BALLOONIST to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Compare this $40-hour ‘generic’ MAGICIAN to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Compare this $50-hour ROBOT RACING CLOWN (who doesn’t use scary makeup like “red nose” circus clowns) to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Compare this $49-hour SKATEBOARDING PARROT SHOW to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Compare this $75-hour MICKEY MOUSE MASCOT to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Compare this $75-hour MAGICIAN with his own spotlights to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Compare this $50-hour BALLOON ARTIST with a “no lineup” system (because everybody hates lineups) to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Compare this $35-hour FACE PAINTING CLOWN with her own portable spotlights to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC.

Is Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC more fun than our $75-hour ELMO MASCOT for children’s birthday parties? Hear these parents’ testimonials video clips before you hire any magicians or clowns.

Looking for actual real people reviews? Review this $125-hour “Hire 3 Entertainers for the Price of 1 Entertainer” package* to Special Dayz Entertainment Little Kayy children’s entertainer, magician and clown in Surrey Vancouver BC

* The Three Entertainers provide all of these activities: Facepainting, balloon twisting, a magic show, bazooka balloon launches, giant parachute play, and their famous robot races.

This group’s Mission Statement: We provide the lowest-prices, bar none, for kids birthday party entertainment in the greater Vancouver area, especially with our “3-Entertainer-Package”, because we want more future adults (these kids of today) memories to be filled with positive memories of their childhood! Why? Because adults with happy childhoods become better parents, nicer people, and friendlier neighbours. According to psychologists, only a relatively small portion of adults today can claim to have a ‘happy childhood’; furthermore, people with dysfunctional social lives today have traced their problems to their early childhoods. Therefore, it is apparent that positive children’s entertainment should be affordable to everybody. This is why we charge as little as $40 for a magic show — not the $250 to $1,500 that most other magicians charge.



Vancouver, North Shore, Surrey (incl. White Rock) Don’t hire any magician, face painter, or balloon twister clown unless you’ve seen their video demo clips!

Strolling and Roving Magicians in Vancouver, BC

$75-$125 per hr vAncOuVer BC mAgiCiAn vaNCoUver maGic fUndraiSing sHows kiDS



Magicians for Festivals in Vancouver

$75-hr Climate Change Vancouver Kids Magician Edu-Fun Magic Show

Children’s Party Magician in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Party Kids Perform Houdini Magic $70/hr or less

$35-$75 Kids Birthday Party Clown Vancouver BC

$125 for 2 hours – BOBBY does magic and JIMMY CHOW twists Balloons

Vancouver Entertainers Vancouver Entertainment: Magicians for Hire

$125 per hr Kids magically turn Tarantulas into Candy at Vancouver BC Magic Show

Banquet Entertainment

$75/hr bookings – Vancouver magical art starts at Vancouver Burnaby banquet hall with Winnie ‘Pooh East Indian birthday celebration

Listings British Columbia : Entertainment and Leisure : Entertainers

$250 Mentalist Mentalism Magician Magic Surrey Burnaby BC

Magicians – hire a magician

Less than $60/hour Richmond BC Magician w/3- Performer Pkge



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Complete Vancouver birthday party planning ideas & resources – Vancouver, BC. … Clowns and Magicians Inflatables & Party Rentals Loot Bags, Supplies & Decorations Entertainment Vancouver BC, Entertainer Vancouver BC, Entertainers …
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LOWEST PRICE Face Painting *AND* Balloon Animals Twister

Looking for one person who is both a Face Painter *AND* also a Balloon Clown Lady Artist?

Please email me the details of your banquet hall or birthday party or family day festival including time, date, and place, number of hours, your name and phone number, etc.

My price for balloons, facepaints, and magic (magician) show will be lower than anybody else on Criagsslist or Kijjiji or Used Surrey websites.

English to Chinese (Simplified) translation



English to Chinese (Traditional) translation
尋找一個人面對誰既是畫家 *和*夫人也是一個氣球小丑藝術家?


我的價格為氣球,facepaints,魔術(魔術師)表明將低於別人對 Criagsslist或Kijjiji或二手薩里網站。

English to French translation
Vous cherchez une personne qui est à la fois un visage Peintre * * ET aussi un ballon Clown Lady artiste?

S’il vous plaît envoyez-moi les détails de votre salle de banquet ou la fête d’anniversaire ou d’un festival familial de jour y compris le temps, la date et le lieu, le nombre d’heures, etc

Mon prix pour les ballons, facepaints, et la magie (magicien) montrent sera plus faible que n’importe qui d’autre sur Criagsslist ou Kijjiji ou d’occasion sites Surrey.

English to Italian translation
Alla ricerca di una persona che è sia un Face Painter * * e anche un Pallone Clown Artista Lady?

Prego email me i dettagli della vostra sala ricevimenti o festa di compleanno o giorno di festa familiare compreso il tempo, data e luogo, numero di ore, ecc

Il mio prezzo per palloncini, facepaints, e la magia (mago) mostra sarà inferiore a nessun altro in Criagsslist o Kijjiji o siti web usati Surrey.

Celebrating the 1st Birthday Party in Surrey Vancouver Richmond BC?

Celebrating the 1st Birthday Party in Surrey Vancouver Richmond BC

Planning a Birthday Party in White Rock, Surrey, Delta, Langley, or Abbotsford BC?

Hiring Entertainers:

Are you celebrating your baby’s first birthday with a banquet hall (example: at Bombay Banquet Hall in Surrey) or a White Rock community centre ?

Adding a face painter and balloon animals maker/artist has been popular for kids. At Samosa Gardens in Vancouver, parents have asked us to entertain kids for 3 hours during dinner.

Our price guarantee:

If you find can other artists with lower prices, we will beat their price by 10%.


Contact Vancouver Burnaby BC Party Rescuers:

( 6 0 4 ) 5 1 2 – 9 5 6 7

Please check out our photos and watch our demo video clips before you hire us, so you can see how happy and joyful the kids are at Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, or Burnaby Asian parties where we are hired for kids entertainment.

(copy these links below to your browser’s address bar)

Langley Abby BC Indian Banquet Hall First Birthday Party Bookings

Abbotsford Surrey BC Indian Banquet Hall First Birthday Party Bookings Reviews


Abbotsford Surrey BC Indian Banquet Hall First Birthday Party Bookings Reviews TAGS & KEYWORDS: Find Local banquet hall in Abbotsford BC | Gians Indian Cuisine – banquet hall – 0.0 Star Rating Be the first to review. 102-31549 South Fraser

Throughout the ages, a child’s first birthday has been a landmark representing strength in survival, entry into the family and promise for the future.

India Traditions for First Birthday

With Indian-Canadians, the celebration still holds traditional and symbolic significance.

Indian birthday parties are filled with tradition and hospitality. There is a lot of personal touch and elders are always included in the birthday celebrations.

The most important step in planning a first birthday party involves preparing a guest list. First birthday party of a baby with first birthdays is celebrated usually by inviting all the relatives in the family. Then of course there are many things involved like booking a hall, preparing birthday party menu, ordering cake, etc.

Children enjoy birthday parties with face painters, balloon twisters, a magic show, games, decoration, special events and not to forget, their loot bags.

Celebrating the 1st birthday of a baby is a very special moment for parents. The adorable little bundle of joy would be turning one year old in a few weeks. From a helpless infant to a naughty toddler, babies tend to grow up very fast, much to the surprise of parents! Before you know it, they are off to school and amuse you with their newly acquired knowledge. The excitement and anticipation that is experienced cannot be expressed in words. In case you are one of those parents who are wondering how to plan first birthday for your baby, read further for 1st birthday party ideas.

$75/hr university-trained Elmo for ‘most-fun-per-dollar’

Watch these video reviews **before** booking any Vancouver clown or magician

Hire Bobby’s $75-hr magicians *and* Bobby’s $75-hr Elmo mascot for your birthday party!

College prof created programs for Vancouver Elmo mascot

Vancouver’s only elmo mascot programmed by master educator

Don’t hire any birthday clown, ventriloquist, princess, mascot, or magicians who can’t show you at least three “real people” video testimonials!

$25 Pre-Purchase HIDDEN Car Body Repair DETECTIVE Service (Bring car to Steveston)

Pre-purchase auto inspection for hidden bodywork repairs. We are not a car repair shop – therefore, we do not have any conflict of interest.  $35 car body repair detection service.

When buying a car, make sure that you are not buying one with concealed accident or rust damage. We have devices to detect whether body filler was used to repair rust or accident damage. Undetected crash damage, hidden by new paint, could cost you $$$$ down the road.

Those who nave to repair damages caused by an accident, or hidden rust, have to apply think layers of paint or body filler.


It’s not recommended to buy a car after an accident, especially after frontal collision. Why?

– Because sometimes the collision repair shops use cheap substitutes instead of original parts.

– The A/C condenser – the part of the air conditioning system often gets damaged in a frontal collision. If not properly repaired, the air conditioner may stop working later.

– Strong frontal collision can damage the integrity of the vehicle body making it less stronger.

– There is a possibility that as a result of an accident the vehicle will develop some mechanical problems later such as wheel alignment problems, noisy wheel bearings, etc.

– The secondary paint job not always looks and holds as good as original, the color may not match and later the paint may start peeling off at the edges.

So, how you can protect yourself from buying a car after an accident provided that there are so many of them on the market and usually no one will inform you about previous accident the vehicle had been involved in.


1. Is your lacquer original?

2. How many layers of lacquer.

3. Which elements were replaced or lacquered.

4. Which elements were “dressed”, straightened and then filled.

5. The thickness of the troweled-in area of repair.

6. Are the sellers telling you the truth.

$25 if you bring your car to Steveston. Our devices will not work on fiberglass or aluminum car bodies.

** Free for a limited time (you must agree to be videotaped for marketing purposes.)

Will travel for an additional $75 travel charge, if outside Richmond, or $50 if within Richmond.

Please email The Gadgetmen with your phone number and the time you’d like to drop in. (Not available on weekends.)

Site Name: Car Body Analysis

Tagline: Car Body Analysis – Buying a Car, Truck, or SUV? Our inspection service protects your investment.

Description: Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a car, truck, or automotive vehicle of any type, our auto body inspection service provides a level of protection unequaled in the industry. We’ll go over the entire body of the vehicle and verify that it’s in top shape. This will help buyers avoid getting stuck with a lemon, while allowing sellers to realize the highest possible resale value.

Whether you’re buying a car…

An inspection will identify any defects or flaws in the vehicle’s exterior that could indicate that the car has been involved in an accident, or that the panel in question is not part of the original vehicle. Our combination of state-of-the-art tools and our keen eye allows our trained inspectors to determine if the car is “cherry”, or just another lemon that has been subject to cruel and unusual punishment. Before shelling out the big bucks for your next hot ride, make certain that you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

…or selling a car

The two most important questions when you’re selling a car, truck, van, SUV, or whatever, are; 1 – How much money can I expect to receive for the vehicle, and; 2 – How long will it take to sell? Obviously, the sooner you can turn the vehicle into cash, the better off you’ll be. You can be certain that the buyer will be armed with as much ammunition as possible to try to drive down the price of your car. An inspection will provide you with proof positive that the exterior of the car is in as good a condition as you claim. It will give credibility to your assertion that vehicle has never been involved in an accident, or that it’s “all original”. And since you’ll be taking an active step to help assure the buyer that you’re selling a quality product, you more likely to make the sale sooner, rather than later.