Face Painting/Magic Show not complete w/o lights & PA sound system

by vancouvercraigslist

No blah-blah-blah from our team!

Just a demo video reel — a video clip is worth ten thousand words … you’ll see parties that are WITH and WITHOUT a light/PA system for their face painter and magician. For a face-painting artist to work properly, good lights are necessary. However, a banquet hall can’t turn lights on just for the face-painting table.

We have special, battery-powered high-powered non-glare spotlights your kids’ face-painting and your magic show! We ordered these special lights from Singapore.

$35 Facepainter $50 Balloon Lady with spotlights at Dhaliwal Banquet Hall Surrey

$35/hr Vancouver Face Painters with their own Spotlights




This group’s Mission Statement: We provide the lowest-prices, bar none, for kids birthday party entertainment in the greater Vancouver area, especially with our “3-Entertainer-Package”, because we want more future adults (these kids of today) memories to be filled with positive memories of their childhood!

Why? Because adults with happy childhoods become better parents, nicer people, and friendlier neighbours.

According to psychologists, only a relatively small portion of adults today can claim to have a ‘happy childhood’; furthermore, people with dysfunctional social lives today have traced their problems to their early childhoods.

Therefore, it is apparent that positive children’s entertainment should be affordable to everybody. This is why we charge as little as $40 for a magic show — not the $250 to $1,500 that most other magicians charge in Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, Langley, and Port Coquitlam, BC.